The people

Lionbite Games was founded by Swedish games media veteran Victor Lionhead, and consists of talented people headhunted from all over the industry.

Most central to Lionbite are:

  • Victor Lionhead, game director, producer and script writer. Coming from a 15-year career as a games journalist and editor-in-chief for numerous Swedish media outlets, Victor decided to take the next natural step by founding Lionbite Games with the ambition to shape own interactive experiences in new ways.
  • Carl Granberg, lead programmer. Worked not only on praised titles such as Alan Wake and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, but also upcoming CD Project’s triple-A games The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Kristian Johansson, sound designer and music composer. Kristian is the sound and music virtuoso of the Lionbite team, setting the tone, atmosphere and feel of our worlds. His previous work includes Stick it to the Man, praised for its sound work.
  • Amir Briki, lead character artist. Skilled, multifaceted illustrator who sets the styles and tones for Lionbite’s creations and characters. His past experiences includes contributing as a concept artist to international agency Volta and Swedish game studio Avalanche.
  • Fredrik Ortmon, lead 3D artist. Has won no less than two consecutive Swedish Game Awards, of which the latest was for innovation with the brilliant one-man game concept Siege of Stockholm.
  • Maria Norkvist, 3D artist. Fueled by her experience from working with aesthetically unique and abstract projects Zombie Vikings and Shelter respectively, Maria makes different styles come together in new ways.
  • Johan Holber, lead animator. Johan has worked on both movies and games, giving him the versatile and adaptive tools required to make Lionbite’s characters spring to life.
  • Oskar Wolontis, co-writer. Former games media editor and freelancer whose vast knowledge in games goes back to the very beginning, Oskar brings new perspectives to story-telling and characters.

You can reach each of us by e-mailing [ name at ] and find us on location at Hästholmsvägen 25 in Stockholm, Sweden.