Swedish indie studio Lionbite Games established – with veteran talents

Stockholm, Sweden – Like a lion on the prowl in the wild, Lionbite Games sneaks up on you, ready to attack with… aggressively enthusiastic visions for video games!

The new Stockholm based indie studio will focus all its creative energy on crafting unique, quality-over-quantity interactive experiences, honoring just what independent really means.

The initiative was taken by Victor Lionhead, a long time Swedish games journalist leading a 15-year career as everything from the editor-in-chief for a number of websites and magazines to a producer and reporter for broadcast media.

Victor’s writing will translate naturally into his role as a game director and script writer for Lionbite Games, bringing ideas and visions born during his career as a critic to life.

Lionbite Games gathers an impressive team of talented minds from all over the industry.

Lead programmer Carl Granberg’s merits include not only praised titles such as Alan Wake and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, but also upcoming CD Project’s triple-A games The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Lead 3D artist Fredrik Ortmon comes fresh from winning no less than two consecutive Swedish Game Awards, of which the latest was for innovation with the brilliant one-man game concept Siege of Stockholm.

Character artist Amir Briki breathes life into Lionbite’s creations and characters. He has contributed as a concept artist to international agency Volta and Swedish game studio Avalanche.

Kristian Johansson, whose previous work includes Stick it to the Man, is the sound and music virtuoso of the team, setting the tone, atmosphere and feel of Lionbite’s game worlds.

Headhunter Victor Lionhead (pun intended) comments on the recruitments:

– I wouldn’t say it’s the years of experience that makes us relevant, but rather that we come from different parts of the industry, with new perspectives on game development.

– Even though Lionbite consists of a confident and professional team, we want our minds to grow through exploring themes we’re not entirely comfortable with. In keeping with the lion metaphor; we wouldn’t want to be domesticated.

– We’re trying to combine what we love about games with a modern and refreshing take on immersive, story-driven genres. Our ambition is to shape interactive experiences in new ways, avoiding repetition, grinding and typical generic mechanics to focus on the very essence, remaining realistically aware of our limitations, says Victor Lionhead.

Lionbite Games will announce its debut video game title – an ambitious RPG – during the fourth
quarter of this year.

The platforms of interest for the studio are PC, Mac, current-gen consoles and mobile devices.

Reach us for more information and inquiries at press@lionbite.se and website Lionbite.se. We can also be found at LionbiteGames on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.